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Belpac Capri Approach
In our fast paced lifestyle, what seems like a small change to one policy, may have a serious impact on your total insurance program. Consider this...

Your business is growing. You are hiring more staff, and move to a larger location further from your home. Due to the distance you set up a satellite office in your home.

The Traditional Approach

If you are buying your insurance from various insurance providers, you must.

Call your business insurance provider. Ask them to change your address. Don't forget to advise them of the increase revenues, stock, employees and business's income.

Call your commercial auto insurer. Don't forget to provide them an updated driver list.
Call your life insurance provider. Your company may be worth more, and there maybe a need to increase your policy limits.

Call you disability insurance provider. You may need to increase your coverage to reflect your higher income.

Call your group benefit provider. Your employee plan will need to be updated.

Call your personal automobile insurance provider. You may have to change the use of your personal vehicle.

Call you home insurance provider. Does your policy include coverage for a home office?

The Belpac Capri Approach

One call will ensure you are covered.